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Leaf-Inspired Design The URA Detergent Bottle design was inspired by a leaf, with curved edges and thin lines that mimic its silhouette. The minimalist design makes it stand out from other detergent bottles and its user-friendly shape makes it easy to handle. In addition to its distinct aesthetic, the URA Detergent Bottle also stands out for its versatility and its compatibility with many different styles. It has a modern look that appeals to many, allowing it to fit in with almost any decor. Whether you are looking for a sleek, contemporary bottle or something more traditional, the URA Detergent Bottle is sure to meet your needs. Ergonomic Design The URA Detergent Bottle was created with ergonomic features. Its curved edges fit perfectly in the hand, making it easy to hold. Its thin lines provide a good grip, and its lightweight build makes it comfortable to handle. Conclusion The URA Detergent Bottle Industrial Design is a perfect example of modern industrial design. Its simple and elegant leaf-inspired design is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed. Its impact on other designs has been lasting, and it is sure to remain a benchmark for detergent bottle designs for years to come. Project Information:  Collaborate with Richard Moore Associates* - NEO Studio design the shape & form of the detergent bottle. Client: URA - Vietnam Finished in 2018 * Note: All Branding Design belongs to Richard Moore Associates.


The industrial design of URA Detergent Bottles has gained much attention in recent years. Its design, inspired by the shape of a leaf, is both simple and aesthetically pleasing. Its unique shape stands out, making it a popular choice among consumers.

URA Detergent Bottle

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